Monday, May 31, 2010


I recently moved into a new house (with a bigger kitchen!), which means that I was also given the menacing task of moving all of my stuff and organizing it to fit in with someone else's space (I moved in with my fiance). This three-day weekend I found myself with very few plans and the house to myself. Inspiration in place, I tackled my boxes-o-stuff and subjected each item to intense scrutinization before deciding whether or not I would keep it. For a packrat such as myself (though not quite of the Hoarders variety), this was difficult. But surprising to me (probably not to y'all), going through those boxes that had been largely unopened from Asheville to San Diego to Atlanta felt really really good. It turns out that I don't really need papers from my undergrad days or all of the trinkets I collected in England and China to retain the memories that I have from those periods of my life.

What I thought was going to be a painful process has actually been quite liberating. I don't have boxes of unknown objects, but do have clean(er) spaces and a happier mind. Whoever said that a cluttered house is a cluttered mind was onto something, and I'll take peace of mind over lots of stuff any day.

What will I do with myself now that I am (mostly) moved in? Besides cooking fabulous meals in my big(ger) kitchen, I plan to tackle various DIY projects. My current obsession source of inspiration is from this blog

Posts will hopefully be more frequent now that I live in one house instead of two, and now that I have a kitchen complete with all of my cooking utensils and even (gasp!) a real dishwasher! Cooking is so much more exciting when you know you've got someone else to clean up after you.
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