Monday, February 21, 2011

A list of things you cannot live without....

The First Thing You Cannot Live Without: Low Anthem
On Friday, work brought me to a quiet thoughtful place, mostly because I was listening to Low Anthem's new album while I was beating my head against the desk analyzing some particularly difficult data. You can listen too on NPR's First Listen until Feb 22 when the album comes out. I just pre-ordered the album, and in preparation for its arrival I'm going to get my record player hooked up to the speakers again (it became unplugged in a recent furniture rearrangement). I haven't decided if I love this band because they are lovely or because they release their albums on vinyl. I'm thinking its both.

The Second Thing You Cannot Live Without: Maple Bacon Cupcakes
When I told you that I liked bacon I bet you thought I was lying. In truth, I could never go fully vegetarian due to this oft-downplayed meat. I would choose bacon over steak nearly every day of the week, and one of my favorite meals is definitely a BLT (emphasis on B). I don't eat bacon often, but I relish it when I do. So when I found a recipe for Maple Bacon Cupcakes, I knew that I had to make them for myself Tom on Valentine's Day. Yum.

They were fun to make together and fun to bring in to work (bringing cupcakes with bacon is an easy way to make your coworkers think you're crazy..... or awesome).

The Third Thing You I Cannot Live Without: A New Cell Phone
Forgive me for being selfish, but this one may not have anything to do with your personal situation. But, then again, it may.

My cell phone has stopped receiving text messages, which I think - in its own way - means that my phone is giving me permission to upgrade. This phone has been good to me since I got it for free when I signed up for my first cell phone plan in 2006, but now may be the time to say goodbye. It is scratched up, banged up, dented up, and - believe it or not - still says Cingular on it.

Apparently my resistance to new technology knows no bounds, and even I admit that I've stretched the life span of my telephone a bit too far. Being unable to accept text messages is just the icing on the cake. So.... What kind of phone will I get next? Surprise, surprise, I'm thinking of keeping it pretty low tech. In keeping with my resolution to use technology to enhance my happiness and not let technology use me, I'll probably just get the sans-internet phone that comes free with the plan. I'm also trying to distance myself from my work blackberry, but that resolution isn't really taking hold (yet). Baby steps....

The Fourth Thing You Cannot Can Live Without: Your Horoscope
I am in love with Information is Beautiful. Why has no one shared this site with me before? I am especially smitten with their newest post: horoscoped. Partly because I've never believed in horoscopes (I hold a grudge against whoever placed me in the 'Leo' category, because I have felt like a Leo exactly .37 seconds of my life), but partly because I think many of us use our horoscopes to justify what we have already decided must be our lot in life (hand slowly rising with guilt). Just check out the graphic here.

Just read the horoscope that the information/beautiful folks (and their computer) generated based on the most common horoscope-associated words. I think this is the best horoscope I've ever received. I might just post it by my bed (or tattoo it to the inside of my eyelids).

Horoscoped - Meta-prediction made from most common words in 4,000 star sign predictions
Family and friends matter. Keep making love. Life. Fun. Energy. Change your mind and a better mood comes along...

Oh touche computer of my brain. Touche....
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