Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coffee to Improve Thy Mood

First and foremost, I would like to deeply apologize for my extended absence from el blogosphere. My only excuse is to say that I have been in a Funk, capitol F. And I'm sure you all know what its like to be in a Funk capitol F, so I truly hope you understand.

In trying to come up with all manner of ways to get out of my Funk, I was perusing facebook (not - if I may say so myself - a good way to get out of a Funk). But on this particular day I got lucky, because I saw my friend Morgan's status. And it said this: "this coffee is making life much more okay." And believe you me, this little pearl of wisdom resonated deep within my soul. But since this was a Funk with a capitol F, I knew that any ol' cup of coffee wouldn't do the trick. No sir ee bob. I decided to make myself some good old fashioned iced coffee. And when I hit on this recipe, I knew I found The One. Thats not entirely true since I changed a whole ton about the recipe before all was said and done, but it provided much inspiration.

I had about a cup of cold coffee left over from this morning, so I put it in a measuring cup along with about a half cup of skim milk.

I then added this to my blender full of ice, a quarter of a can of sweetened condensed milk and a big squirt of chocolate sauce.

Now comes the fun part..... I don't have a blender that plugs into the wall. Nope, I have a tailgating blender, which my parents so kindly got me for Christmas last year. I absolutely love it, because Tom and I so frequently go camping and vacationing and its nice to have a blender that will mix up drinks for you while you are stuck in the woods. However, this blender only runs when it is plugged into the cigarette lighter of my car. So of course I had to walk across my neighborhood to my car with blender in hand. And seeing how it is just starting to cool off outside, lots of my neighbors are sitting out front right about now, and they must have wondered "what in tarnation is that girl doing?" And they did, because they asked me just such a question. I told them what I was doing, and they seemed satisfied by my answer because they originally thought I was making cocktails out there.

So anywho, it was a tad embarrassing to air my dirty dishes if you will, but also quite fun because I'm sure it gave the neighbors a laugh. And it gave me one as well.

My iced coffee was delicious, and it sure did bring me out of my Funk, which is sure to happen if you carry a blender around your neighborhood just to make iced coffee in your car.

But if you happen to know where I can find something to convert my cigarette lighter plug into a wall plug, I surely would appreciate it.

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  1. Oh Dana I'm so glad you're back! First of all, I'm smiling after reading your post. I can picture you hiking to your car with a blender in hand.
    Second, sorry you've been in a Funk :/ never fun, but know that you're loved, followed (online), and adored.


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