Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the perfect partner to an overwhelming work project

A few years ago, I would have preached to you about "work life balance" and "keeping work at work" in a very authoritarian tone. I would have looked down my nose at someone who would dare work at the dinner table. But now I say phooey.*

And I will tell you why.

My work overwhelms me. Sometimes it feels too big for little ol me.
I go to work and dream of the day when this Really Big Project will be over.
My cubicle suffocates me. Just a little bit.
I've actually had nightmares about said Really Big Project. (don't judge)

But then.....

I discovered working at home.
At night.
With the windows open.
Breeze flowing in.
My pup by my side.
Typing away about chemicals and health and Making Things Right.
Glass of wine.
Maybe another.

And even though I'm working at home.
Even though I said I never would.
This feels like work life balance to me.
This feels just right.

Counting my blessings for a stable job. A good job. A great boss. Healthy arms and legs to take me there. And a glass of wine at the end of the day - the perfect partner to this writer here.

*But dang if you're working instead of playing with your kids then shame on you! I'm just an old maid with a dog who's got no one relying on her. And I sure as shoot don't work on vacation!

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