Monday, September 10, 2012


Today I woke up, and summer had turned to fall.

The wind, the temperature, the smell of the air. Fall, fall, fall.

We had a hard summer, DC and I. It was hot, it was sticky, it lasted much too long. Worst of all, I moved from Atlanta in April, and I somehow thought that moving 12 hours north would be somewhat of a reprieve.

Even though I lived in DC before. During the summer. Even though I know that DC was built on a swamp.

Despite those things, it still caused me physical pain when - throughout the summer - I called Tom in Atlanta and it. was. always. hotter. in. DC. Always. It caused me physical pain when my beautiful, darling, then-5-month-pregnant sister visited me all the way from San Francisco during record-breaking heat. 110 degrees. Every day. The poor thing. She tried to enjoy fireworks in the nations capitol, a baseball game, 4th of July parade, museums on the Mall. But that week the humidity was a solid mass that settled around us as we tried to enjoy the city. We would sweat just looking outside to guess at the temperature. And that is only just barely an exaggeration. Her relief to get back on the plane to California was real and palpable.

I wanted to go with her.

I digress.

We have finally reached autumn. I can feel it. The air may get hot again, we may have another 90 degree day, but that day will only be an intruder in this season. It is breezy, cool, windows-open weather. I looked at my scarves today. I peeked past my summer dresses and there they were, castaways in the back of my closet. They smiled at me, I think. An absence that lasted much, much too long.

I welcome you, Fall. I'm happy you are here. I am kicking myself for planning a Florida trip next weekend (too hot), and a Russia trip the week after (too cold).

Because right now, DC? You are juuusssttt right.

Autumn 2011

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