Monday, January 3, 2011

like a candy cane - except delicious

I'm not a candy cane fan. At least, not candy canes of the peppermint variety. So when my sister Lisa came up with this ingenious use for candy canes I knew I had to share it with all of you (you know, so you're not still staring those things down in March).


Take five candy canes off your tree

Side Note: yes, we can still be friends if you aren't a Red Sox fan. Just take Tom and I for example. We have different favorite teams, but our ornaments definitely coexist harmoniously on the tree.

Unwrap the candy canes and put them in a cuisinart.

Pulse candy canes until they look like this:

Add to a tub of cool whip (or for you modern mavens, a bowl of freshly whipped cream)

The cool whip should be a nice pink color.

Make a cup of your favorite hot cocoa.....

Add a dollop (or two) of the cool whip and enjoy!

Admittedly, this looked better in my head. Pretty or no, it tastes delish!!

Lets say an amen for my little sister and her ingenuity, shall we? {and another amen for finding a way to get rid of those pesky candy canes.}


  1. This is definitely a Lisa special! So yummy.

  2. um, YUM!!!! totally gonna do this AND pass it on...may even make it into a zine!!! (with Lisa's cred of course!!!)

  3. Great! Lisa would love to have this idea put in your zine I'm sure!!


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