Saturday, March 5, 2011

Feast for One

For the past couple of weeks, I have been in a food funk. Which has corresponded quite nicely with my work funk. And my commute funk. You may even say that I've been in a Funk (capitol F), but thinking of it that way is too overwhelming. I'm going to chip away at this Funk thing in bite-sized pieces, so right now I'm focusing on the food funk. (what? pun too corny?)

Anyway, yesterday morning on my way to work I started craving Real Food. The kind that doesn't come out of a box, the kind that isn't served to me by someone else, and the kind that I make myself. From scratch. Using real ingredients. And in light of the fact that I haven't cooked a meal in approximately 9 days {shameful!}, I decided to make myself a meal.

It may have been the weather, the fact that it was Friday night, my empty stomach or my new haircut, but I decided - somewhere along the line - to go all out.

Menu Extraordinaire 
Strawberry Shortcake Cake*

*I decided to make this cake because strawberries are in season right now. And yes, I was probably as shocked as you that strawberries are already being sold for 3lbs for 5dollars at the grocery store. Don't be depressed if you're looking at a negative number on the thermometer, you'll have fresh fruit soon too. {yes Maine, I'm talking to you}

I didn't really get a lot of photos of the process, but let me say that the food was delightful. Really, everything was delicious. It turns out that cauliflower soup is actually amazing (think a less starchy version of potato soup). It also turns out that if you spend four hours cooking, you aren't that hungry when all is said and done at 10:30 at night. Ah the joys of overdoing things once and a while.

And for those of you counting how many sticks of butter I used for my feast last night, don't you worry - you'll have your day when you outshine me during bikini season.

A few general tips about the food:
1. The focaccia is tastier if you toast it before eating.
2. One pound of strawberries isn't enough. I went back to the grocery store this morning and bought another pound of strawberries. These I crushed up, mixed with sugar, and used as a sauce for the cake. It made the cake much more moist and yummy.
3. All of these dishes went really well together. I was surprised, because I just picked a few dishes that looked tasty. But the spaghetti is amazing with the focaccia, which goes well with the soup. Yum!
4. I've been storing the cake in the freezer (covered with plastic wrap), and I love this cake cold. Definitely will add it to my list of recipes to make when one of our Georgia summers strikes with full force.

And that, my friends, is how you make up for two weeks of laziness all in one night. Thank heavens for the fabulous Ree Drummond for being generally awesome. And for being an amazing chef. And for handing out her recipes for free. You should go check her out here. No really, you should.

This food sure beats bar food, which I believe is what I ate last Friday night. And the Friday before? {Looking down sheepishly}

I feel very sufficiently funk-less at the moment. Maybe the way to my own heart is through my stomach - so long as the road there includes Louis Armstrong, cheap wine, dancing with my puppy, wearing a cute apron, wholesome food, and strawberry cake.

Hugs everyone. Have a terrific weekend.

How about you? Are you a one-dish wonder, or do you like to plan entire meals at a time. Please dish - I usually only make one thing at a time, and making four last night was pretty liberating.

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  1. Everything looks so delicious! I want to try the cauliflower soup and the focaccia also! Glad you are on your way out of your funk.


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