Monday, March 28, 2011

sunny things on a rainy day

Sorry for my absence of late. I got put on a temporary work project that has had me working 12 hour days for the past week and will have me on the same schedule until next Monday. I'm not going in to work until 3pm today, so I'm enjoying the down time......

Daffodils I bought for $5. Most are still closed, and this is the first flower to open up

Enjoying a cup of coffee. A sprinkle of cinnamon added to the grounds before brewing... yum.

This little fruit is my new favorite thing ever. Picture a kiwi the size of a grape that you don't have to peel. At $5 a container they're quite an indulgence, but well worth it. Trust me. {you can purchase these lovelies at Whole Foods, or see more pictures of them here at}

Feeling a little guilty that my garden is still seedless, but hopefully I'll put these little guys in the ground soon.

And, of course, I'm giving some much-needed attention to this little girl. I've been coming home only to sleep, so I think Barley's been feeling abandoned.

I am thoroughly enjoying sitting on the couch, sweeping, doing laundry, and relaxing. I'm also dreaming about the day that I have time to make these cookies. Yum!

1 comment:

  1. Glad to see you have time for the most important things in life, being you. I want these cookies!! Let me know how they come out.


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