Saturday, April 2, 2011

First Farmers Market of the Year

Yesterday I got the good news that I would be able to work from home this weekend (at first I was worried that my boss was playing the worst April Fool's joke in the history of humanity), so I spent the better part of the day working at my desk on my couch. Work wasn't too busy today, and I decided that I could get away for a few minutes and go to the Marietta Square Farmers Market (the first one of the year!).

But first, let me set the mood: It's been gloomy, cold and rainy here in the A for a couple of weeks. I've been working like crazy, and things have been feeling a bit gray. This morning was chilly but sunny, and now temperatures have reached nearly 70 degrees!

Working from home + sunshine + first day of the farmers market = happy Dana!

The goods:

1. Kale $4

This kale is delicious. It is much more tender to eat than the larger kale, and it tastes like broccoli. I wish I  could remember its name, but I can't....

2. Green onions: $2

3. Fresh Mint: $2

After I saw (and smelled) this bunch of mint, I snapped it up faster than you can say mojito party. And as wonderful as a fresh mojito sounds, I think I'd like to do something a little more wholesome with it. Any ideas? I've never done anything with mint (except make mojitos or tea), and I'm open to suggestions.

4. Greek Yogurt $2 per container

This yogurt is out-of-this-world tasty. I almost passed the table by because it seemed a bit pricey, but once I tried a sample I couldn't say no.

Yes, you're reading right: Mango Pineapple Habanero. The other one is Black Cherry and Port Wine. Sooo delicious. I'm going to find the tiniest spoon possible and savor each tiny bite of these containers. Hands down the best yogurt I've ever tasted.

5. Mozzarella Cheese. I'll admit it, I'm feeling a little sheepish in admitting I spent $10 on this container of cheese. But just look at the beauty!

Did I just hear a collective sigh of content pass across the internet? No, just me? I may or may not have a cheese problem, but given the state of the world, I guess my problems could be worse.

Extra: Greyhound Brochure

I've been thinking long and hard about getting a second dog to keep Barley company, and when I saw the greyhound rescue group at the farmer's market today I had to stop and check them out. I really love greyhounds: they are gentle and calm and would be the perfect pet. My concern is that Barley and her energetic self would aggravate a greyhound. What do you think?

I'm not really close to deciding on a second dog, but still like weighing my options. Plus, I like to leave stuff like this around the house to drop not-so-subtle hints to Tom:


Grand total for a pound of mozzarella cheese, two containers of yogurt, a bunch of mint, a bunch of green onions and a large bag of kale is $22 big ones. Not too shabby for a purchase that broke up my work day, supported a few local businesses, and made me insanely happy.

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend!

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