Wednesday, April 13, 2011

food, books, and growing food

A {random} Wednesday list.....

1. I've got babies!

Of the green variety, that is. The tiniest members of my garden are already growing and coming to the surface. Basil, spinach, and even one pea sprout. Thankful, excited, and hope there's more to come.


2. Following my sister Laura's suggestion, I got Freedom by Jonathan Franzen out of the library. Looking forward to sitting down with it as soon as I hit 'publish post.'

3. I am enjoying my dinner. I had to write those words down, because as I write Tom is enjoying a complimentary feast at Fogo de Chao. Complimentary as in he didn't have to pay, and since I'm sitting here you can gather that I wasn't invited. To compound matters further, he keeps texting me beautiful pictures of food that I can only dream of one day eating.

And yet.... this pasta with fresh mozzarella and basil is enough. And enough is all I need right now. Comfy couch, fresh meal, cold glass of water, and a good book.

4. Puppy.

Nope, he's not mine. Though I did babysit him on Sunday. Tom's sister got three month old Dakota this weekend, and I remembered how absolutely tiny, cute and lovable puppies are.

{I'm also realizing that my pictures are becoming more and more blurry. Do you know why my camera may be having trouble focusing? Its been happening for a week or so.}

Do you recognize the Eeyore in the photo below as Barley's favorite toy?? Ohhhh the jealousy!

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  1. AWW! Your baby sprouts and little puppy are adorable. I envy you on both fronts!


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