Tuesday, June 14, 2011

hummus among us!

About an hour ago I was experiencing a common cooking conundrum: food indecision. Lacking the appropriate dinner inspiration, I started perusing Pinch My Salt, one of my favorite food blogs. I came across a yummy looking recipe for artichoke hummus. After about thirty seconds I realized that not only did this recipe look delish, I also happened to have all of the ingredients on hand.

{what did I ever do without this thing?}

Behold, a simple, easy, delicious and fast recipe. {to make your life amazing, just use the entire can of artichokes rather than the recommended 6 oz.... you're welcome}

Best way to eat this hummus is on one of these tasty morsels:

And while we're outside, lets take a look at how the garden is coming along:

Here's what the garden looked like a few months ago:

Even though I long for more land, more space, more vegetables - this little plot makes me happy.

Sorry for the wonky photos. I've never claimed to be a photographer, but darned if I can't whip up a batch of hummus.

Starting up our newest Netflix movie: Bottle Rocket. Have you seen it?


  1. Bottle Rocket is one of my favorites! <3

  2. Very envious of your raised beds. (And what's growing in them, too; I have serious black thumbs.)

    As for the hummus: It never would have occurred to me to add artichokes, but it sounds so tempting that I'm putting some on my grocery list for next week. Pinch My Salt never steers me wrong.


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