Monday, June 13, 2011

peach season

Tom and I just got back from a long weekend in Pawley's Island, SC with his family. We had so much fun beaching it and relaxing.

Right now I sense that you are asking yourself whether or not Tom convinced me to eat a raw oyster again.

Yes, yes he did. Second raw oyster ever for me, and I still haven't contracted cholera. Score!

We woke up at 3:45 this morning to get home by 11:30. After getting settled in taking a nap, running a few errands, and calling my insurance company about the new crack in my windshield {sigh}, I took a peek in my fridge. In need of immediate use: a couple of chicken breasts, a few wrinkly peaches I got at the farmers market a little over a week ago, and a head of broccoli.

I headed over to my favorite recipe website:, and I found the very tempting baked chicken with peaches. This recipe is one of the easiest I've ever come across, and it took almost no time to throw together. Here it is, pre-oven:

Heck yes I cooked that chicken in a pie plate!

Modifications: I used two chicken breasts and three peaches, added some salt and pepper, decreased the brown sugar by quite a bit, and didn't add the lemon juice (I forgot).

I also made up this little recipe to get rid of my broccoli:

Brocolli Stir Fry
One head broccoli
One scallion, sliced
Olive oil
Plum sauce
Ground ginger
Sliced almonds

Heat olive oil in a wok on medium high heat. Add scallion and allow to soften. Add brocolli, plum sauce and ginger, and cook until just softened. Add almonds and stir together. Remove from heat.




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  1. You know, I never would have thought of chicken and peaches, but my God that looks good. And it's a crime for a peach to go to waste, isn't it?


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