Sunday, March 28, 2010

Late St. Pat's Day post, and..... vermicomposting?

Many apologies for the delay in posting. Due to a long list of boring and anger-inducing internet issues that I will not go into right now, a post that I completed (with pictures!) about my Americanized St. Patrick's Day dinner was deleted from existence.

No matter, I will give you the abridged version here in far fewer words: it wasn't very good. Yes, that's right. If you didn't like corned beef and cabbage when you were a child, you may not like it as an adult either. Just sayin'

The meat was actually ok. I used a recipe from my very favorite recipe website: I rubbed brown sugar all over a four pound piece of corned beef, covered it with Guinness, and then cooked it on low in a crockpot all day long.

While it was cooking, I went to see my actress friend play the lead in Mulan at the Alliance Theater and then went to the High to look at art. I'm telling you, there's nothing quite as thrilling as calling into work (don't tell!) to cook good food, watch a play and visit an art museum.

When we got home I turned the crockpot on high and added some cabbage, potatoes and carrots. If you ever do this, you should note that the vegetables need more than an hour (more like two) to cook properly.

I also made Irish Soda Bread (which my family would call a scone). I happen to love soda bread, and was excited to use the highest rated recipe on - again - What I have since realized is that my family recipe (from my grandmother who is 100% Irish) does not call for caraway seeds. There is a reason for this: caraway seeds do not taste good in soda bread. I realize it is an Irish tradition, but if my rebel grandmother decided to toss them out of her recipe I feel fully justified in cutting them out of mine.

That, in a nutshell, is my St. Patrick's Day this year. If anyone has any Irish recipe favorites, please pass them on. I'm feeling like I need a St. Patrick's Day redo.

On an unrelated note: I've decided to try vermicomposting again. My first attempt occurred when I lived in southern CA and all of my worms died because southern California happens to be overrun with ants (which, sadly, do eat worms). It was very traumatic, but I'm willing to try again. We'll keep the worms out of harms way in the garage, where they can eat our vegetable scraps in peace and turn them into some lovely compost for our garden that is literally smaller than a twin bed.

What I'm listening to now: This band makes me very happy. I went to see my old roommate play at a show, and Dancer Vs. Politician played right before him.

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