Sunday, December 4, 2011


this was a beautiful marvelous weekend.

and i probably facebooked it to death, so perhaps you already know how things turned out.

also, i have come to realize that i need to start taking pictures, because i don't have visuals for these days. nothing to share with you.

perhaps i will finally bite the bullet and buy this camera. and this lens.

yes, i shall. so that i can take family pictures at Christmas. and engagement pictures for my sister. yes, it is decided. the camera will be here soon, i hope.

but back to this weekend.....

we bought a Christmas tree. too early in the season for me, but just right for us.

we decorated the tree, and hung a little string of lights around the front porch.

tom baked cookies.

we had a bottle of wine, and food inspired by Julia Child.

i made a tissue holder in my beginner's sewing class. and picked out fabric for our project next week.

i bought yet another book on sewing baby clothes.

i've been thinking about losing a bit of weight and toning my muscles. i bought this dvd.* i was really doing well until i realized that i don't really care about losing weight or looking like i belong in a workout video. i will still run, and will try to increase my situps and pushups for my annual physical fitness test. but beyond that, my love of eating, drinking beer, and trying new food all outweigh my need to look good in a bikini.

*this dvd is fantastic. i highly recommend it if you are trying to whip yourself into shape. jillian will kick your butt.

for those of you out there who have a boyfriend that is dying for a homemade tree skirt for his tree, here is a tree skirt pattern from Amy Butler that you might enjoy.

certainly i cannot be the only one whose boyfriend has been coveting a homemade tree skirt...... i better get sewing!

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