Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Day

Whoever planned the 2011 Calendar must have known that I would need a day off today. I won't thank Columbus - he gets too much credit as it is. (Check out the Columbus Day someecards for a little hilarity.)

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Either that, or the wrong side of the bed found me. Luckily, I am being cheered by these things:



1. Coffee. Usually I put cinnamon in my coffee. As it turns out, nutmeg is equally as delicious. Yum!

2. A book. Have you read anything by Michael Chabon? I literally just started the book, so I can't give a recommendation just yet (he won the Pulitzer for The Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay).

3. Comfort. Today I took a shower and then put my pajamas back on. I almost never do that because it tends to make me lazy, but today it is just right.

4. Rainy Day, Slowly Changing Leaves. It's pretty out there with a steady drizzle of rain. A couple of trees are showing their true colors, but for the most part everything is still green.

5. Music. Listening to my Edward Sharpe music station on Pandora today.

Bonus: A dear friend of mine had a baby girl today. Can't wait to meet the little love, and am newly inspired to buy a sewing machine and make some mini baby clothes.

Hope you are having a truly wonderful Monday, whether you are "celebrating" Columbus Day or not.

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