Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Quite Right Nite

Sometimes things just click don't they?

I looked up from what I was doing just now and realized that I was indeed quite happy.

Not ecstatic.

Not melancholy.

Somewhere in between. That comfortable space where who you are melds seamlessly with where you are and what you are doing.

I'm not one to ignore such occasions. I'll note these little details, and if I ever find myself on the melancholy side of the line I'll know where to come to.


Drinking wine.

Listening to my Adele station on Pandora.

Windows open.

Rain drizzling outside.

As frustrating as I thought doing my first sewing project would be (don't worry, a post will follow as soon as I am finished), instead I am realizing how peaceful this activity is. I've been sipping on the same glass of wine for an hour or two now, and it is a lovely wine that my friend Christina gave me when she came to visit last weekend.

Nothing fancy here, just a simple evening creating and relaxing and hanging with my pup.

These little days add up to something lovely, don't they?


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