Tuesday, October 4, 2011

two weekends away

When it rains it pours, right? Well it's been raining vacation over here, and I'm finally at home hanging with the pup and cleaning my house. Let's do a recap, shall we?

First weekend vacation: Beachin' It

Two weekends ago Tom and I went to Cedar Key, FL. It was awesome, and we even got a new family photo.

Why the smiles? (seriously, even the dog is smiling.) As it turns out, renting a golf cart to drive from your decaying vacation trailer into town is gigantically entertaining. So fun! Really, we had an amazing time. We got our fill of fishing, drinking, boat riding, golf cart driving, football watching, relaxing, and reading.

An Aside: A Book to Read

Speaking of reading, I finished Hunger Games. It was amazing. I'm not going to tell you anything else about it, but you have to read it. I will prepare you for this fact though: the second book in the trilogy (Catching Fire) isn't out in paperback yet. Boo. And if your library is anything like mine, the wait on the book is so long you'll have forgotten the first one before you get to read the second. But still, read it. You must.

Second Weekend Vacation: I Thought About Wearing Flowers in My Hair

Last weekend I went to visit my sister and her Super Awesome Boyfriend Romey. They are amazi-cakes, and we had a great time. Seriously, how cute are these two?

San Fran was unreal. We had so much fun, and I can't believe we packed it all into 3 days. We saw Robert Earl Keen, John Prine, Emmylou Harris, Robert Plant, Chris Isaak, etc. We had great tapas at Cha Cha Cha, great Italian at the Stinking Rose, had a great taco at.... a great taco restaurant that Romey knew about. We saw the redwoods at Muir Woods, walked all over the dang city, saw the manager of the San Francisco Giants (Bruce Bochy) as we walked by the stadium. Ok, I admit, I had no idea who Bruce Bochy was until Romey pointed him out and then talked to him, but it's still cool right?

But do you know what was better than seeing a famous baseball person? Or famous musicians? Or eating amazing food? What was better than seeing the redwoods (bucket list - check!), walking around town and sipping coffee in the mornings? Eating Laura's enchiladas with a pumpkin beer in her tiny apartment? What was better than falling asleep to a movie every night because I was still on east coast time and couldn't stay awake?

Sister time.

Oh, how wonderful is sister time? How wonderful is talking to that person who knows what you're thinking before you say it, who shares your entire past, and who you never have to explain yourself to? I have had Laura by my side since I was 19 months 29 days old. And even though we had our share of fights in the way-back-olden-days, I'm pretty sure she's the bees knees. I love this lady.

Classy Robisons drink Tecates
There's no one who gets you like a sister does. I really lucked out in that arena - I've got two. And even though Laura, Lisa and I are spread pretty far in distance (Maine, California, Georgia), there's nothing that will keep me from those ladies for too long. Without them, I lose a part of myself.

Thank you Laura for hosting me and reminding me of who I am.

Thank you Tom for scoring last-minute Florida vacation rentals and for reminding me that fun exists everywhere. (And for reminding me that it is never a good idea to keep up with you when we're drinking.)

Thank you Romey for making me laugh and for keeping Laura safe from all of the crazy Oakland stories I'm always reading in the news. And for driving me everywhere - seriously.

Yup, September was a fine month.

And with Ellijay Apple Festival, a friend visit, and changing leaves on the horizon, October seems to be shaping up pretty nicely too.


  1. All this looks so fun!!!!! Dd you know they are filming the movie for Hunger Games in NC?! My mom signed up to be an extra but didn't make the cut. Also, I always read your blog but never comment...and I decided I am gonna start. So there. ;)

  2. Thanks for reading Morgan! And for commenting - comments make my day slash week. I didn't know they were filming in NC! I guess that makes sense since the star of the book is from the area "formerly known as Appalachia." Too bad your mom didn't make the cut - I would have liked to see her on the big screen!


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