Thursday, January 26, 2012

favorite things: thursday night edition

It is important to fill our lives with things that give us pleasure. Not the things that ought to give us pleasure, but the things that actually do.

On this rainy Thursday, I've decided to indulge in two of my favorite things:

1. Clean sheets

Who has never witnessed the psychological warfare that clean sheets can wage on a melancholy day?

They are in the wash now. Happy sleeping to me!

2. Makers Mark

A couple of years ago, my good friend Laura introduced me to the wonders of Makers Mark. I'm not normally a liquor girl, but I love a good margarita and have always liked whiskey. However, I don't drink liquor straight (shot glasses make me shudder). At least, I never did until I learned the beauty of sipping a very nice whiskey on the rocks. Sipping is very much the operative word. I don't think drinking a glass of Makers would be very nice at all. And, I must be insistent that you buy a nice bottle of whiskey. Please don't buy the cheapest one and expect a lovely relaxing evening. Life is much too short to sip bad whiskey.

It  takes me an entire evening to consume one drink, and I like taking the tiniest of sips to savor every drop. {I used to do the same with Kraft Mac and Cheese when I was little - I would eat each noodle individually to savor the flavor. I guess my tastes have evolved somewhat, but I am happy to see that my technique is the same.}

And now I am off to enjoy some of my other favorite things: watching Downton Abbey, reading a book, wearing my yoga pants, petting Barley, and lighting all the candles in my house.

Happy Thursday!!

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