Tuesday, September 28, 2010

back to the grind.....

Just got back from vacation last night, and I have to say that - as expected - Turkey and Paris were absolutely wonderful. This jetlagged girl needs to get to bed now, so I'll leave my food tour of Turkey (oh yes, there will be one) for another day. I'll also be posting about a (re)new(ed) clutch that I DIY'ed before my vacation and of course some more cooking (mis)adventures in Dana's kitchen. For now, I'll just say goodnight.

Before I do, I want to say happy (sort of) birthday to my beautiful dog Barley. Last night we went to pick her up from our generous friends' house right after our plane landed. On the way home we drove to chik-fil-a (naturally), and I realized as we were sitting in the drive-thru that exactly one year ago we picked her up from the Cobb County Animal Shelter. On September 28th, 2009 at 4:45pm (I remember this because the staff told us they closed at 5:00 and that we needed to either take her or leave her; best snap decision I ever made), we pulled a very timid, scared and sad 8 month old Barley out the door and into her new life.

I hope everyone thinking of adding a new furry friend into their lives will consider adopting from the shelter. You really are giving an animal a new start, and probably saving their lives as well (our animal shelter has an extremely high kill rate, and the fact that Barley was already in there for 9 days still gives me the what-if chills). We do realize that we got lucky with Barley (she doesn't seem to have been abused, isn't aggressive and is very friendly), and I acknowledge that dogs with an unknown past can be a little more scary than a pet you've raised from a pup (though you can get puppies from the shelter too!). That being said, adopting Barley really makes me feel that I saved a life, and I can't imagine a better feeling than that.

Goodnight y'all!!

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