Wednesday, September 29, 2010

wednesday night musings.....

I had such high hopes for the evening. In preparation for my Southern Dinner tomorrow (more to come on that later) I was going to bake an apple pie tonight. I realized after going grocery shopping and coming home that I don't have a rolling pin, which sure is a shame. How did I make it this far in my adult life without a rolling pin? Thats an easy question to answer: I used a soup can instead. But this looks like a pretty darned good recipe, so I'm going to wait to buy a rolling pin tomorrow so I can bake my apple pie proper.

In lieu of baking an apple pie, I think I'll go upstairs and continue reading my new favorite book: The Help. I didn't realize this book was going to be so good. I bought it in the Paris airport because it was one of about 7 books that they had in English, and I thought it would be good airplane reading. In truth, it is good anytime reading, and I can't put it down.

I finished Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by the way, and for anyone who was waiting for my opinion with baited breath: it was awesome!! It is a bit slow to get into, but I was fully into it by about page 40 or so, which isn't so very long to wait to get into a book.

Well all, Aibeleen and Skeeter are calling my name, so I'm going up to do some reading before bed. I feel like Barley and I have 100% earned this early bedtime, since we were both given multiple shots today. I got a Hepatitis A vaccine in my left arm and Tetanus booster in my right, and Barley had her rabies shot and DA2PL shot and had blood drawn for a heartworm test. Awww poor us!

Stay tuned for updates on the Southern Dinner......

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