Saturday, September 25, 2010

great dates!

Tom happens to be a super fantastic date planner, which is why I wasn't at all surprised when he whisked me away one Sunday evening on a mystery date. I love adventure, so when we headed to the local airport to get in a tiny plane (Tom is a pilot) to fly to Chattanooga, I was right in my element.

 The pilot/date planner

The lucky gal!

When we landed in Chattanooga, we got the rental car that Tom had already arranged for (he's smooth I'm telling ya) and drove into the city. After we parked we noticed a whole bunch of kids sliding down a hill on cardboard boxes, and it quickly became apparant that I would not be able to pass such an opportunity up. You can see that where I take this sort of activity very seriously, the child next to me obviously does not:

And I especially love that this same child laughs at me after he makes it successfully down and I tumble (I'm convinced children are evil):

We then ate dinner at a restaurant that brews their own root beer (score!)

And had Boston Cream ice cream at Ben and Jerrys (double score!)

Isn't that just the best date ever? Didn't Tom do a good job? I for one am pretty impressed - looks like I need to plan a stellar date of my own soon. Any ideas.....?

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  1. The guy certainly knows you! right down to the root beer! Looks like you had lots of fun!


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