Friday, September 3, 2010

Coffee's On!

This morning as I was researching my upcoming trip to Turkey, I decided to use my French Press that my sister got for me while I was in Ireland. (And if that's not an international sentence, I don't know what is.) Anyway, I really fell in love with the French press while we were in Ireland, because any time you ordered coffee that's how it came out. Nothings cuter than sitting in a B+B with a little steaming French press of your very own while you plan the day's adventures. Since I'm not at work today (hallelujah!!), I decided to try her out.

Look how pretty this little baby is!

Added two scoops of coffee:

Added some water and let it brew (sit quietly) for about five minutes without pressing down:

Pressed down:

Pour, add sugar and milk*, and enjoy!!

(Not a really great picture, but you can see how much coffee it makes - probably need a bigger one for two)

*I don't actually have any milk right now (adding to grocery list), so used some leftover sweetened condensed milk that I have in the fridge from a recent baking project instead. Heck yes innovation!!

In other more exciting news, I am dog sitting for the sweetest little big dog this four day weekend! Meet Roxy, boxer extraordinaire:

She and Barley are like two peas in a pod. It is marvelously hard to take a picture of both of them looking cute because of a) my picture-taking deficiencies  b) the lighting in the house right now c) they move like crazy d) even if they are sitting down  quietly, one of them is doing something unattractive like licking themselves. Case in point:

But she is super cute and I have definitely decided Barley needs a brother/sister to wear her out and keep her entertained during the day.

Well I had a few other cutsies to upload, but blogger is being a pain and ignoring me. So I'm just going to upload as is and you can use your imagination on the cuteness going on in my house right now.

Do you have multiple dogs? Any tips on picking out a second? And if your wildly enthusiastic (read: annoyingly energetic) black lab calmed down after you got her a full-time playmate, please let me know!


  1. Love the new blog design! And I agree about the French press - I wish it were bigger too. But oh well :) Glad you like it!
    That dog is so cute! Barley may definitely benefit from a sibling. Maybe get an older dog?

  2. We have Harley - crazy black lab and Rockey - yellow lab - they get along really well - if you have a lab, a lab as a playmate is awesome - both the boys tire each other out and get along really well.


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