Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little Things (DC)

First off, Happy Summer Solstice!

I've always wanted to celebrate this day in style, but for some reason I've never really celebrated this very long day.... there is always next year.

DC is turning out to be quite a dream. Every day, something new worms its way into my heart. The rowhouses, the friendly people (yes really!), the tourist on the metro today who realized for the first time that all of the Smithsonian Museums are free (hallelujah!), a new flower, a new happy hour spot, friendly neighbors.... my list is one of those neverending ones, and I am truly happy to be here.

DC Brau is the only brewery in DC, and this pale ale is very tasty! They also can their beer rather than bottle it - such hipsters we are!

Yesterday on my way to the supermarket, the flower vendor on the street insisted on giving me this flower. I told him I didn't have any cash and that I had zero intention of buying anything, but that I would come back another day to buy a bouquet. He was insistent that I take the flower, and I was equally insistent that I couldn't take it. His face fell, and asked "you don't like flowers?" Very often the nicest thing that we can do is to let someone else do something nice for us. That has been very hard for me to learn in my life, but I can see how good it makes the other person feel when I allow them in - let them help me.

We shook hands and introduced ourselves. He didn't push me to buy a bouquet - he just wanted to give me a flower. "Don't pay - I have enough money. Take this flower, please." People are genuinely good - sometimes we refuse to see it.

I also happen to love this rug - $20 at Ikea

Somewhere in DC (Georgetown), someone posted this sign on their door. LOVE.

"Nobody gets in to see the wizard/Not nobody, not nohow"
I have a fireplace. I am so insanely excited. On this first day of summer, I look at my fireplace and dream of that chilly day when I can finally test it out (sacrilege I know). 

My commute is the best in the world. I map out where to sit on the train so that this is my view in the morning and going home.

Those are just a few of the things keeping me happy today. How is your day shaping up? And do you have any summer solstice celebration suggestions? {say that three times fast}

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