Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Let's talk about how amazing this is....

Every Tuesday, I stop by the farmers market after work on my way to the train. I like filling up my purse with fresh goodies - strawberries, kale, bread, cheese. I overload myself with produce, and then merge into the rush hour crowd on the metro with my arms full of food. Today I held a huge pile of leeks and chard in my arms - a fun contrast to the suits and cell phones all around me.

As I was riding the train, I imagined up a lovely meal and decided to try it tonight. It was yum, amazing, perfect. Here it is.

**But let's first discuss my poor photography skills. I bought a wonderful camera, but I haven't yet learned how to use it. So all of my pictures have a tiny area that is in focus, while the rest is blurry. You can't fault Canon for that, really. You should blame me. But I think you'll still get the main gist of the meal.**

1. Buy a loaf of bread, some greens, and some cheese. The highest quality and the freshest that you can afford - you will be rewarded! I used a loaf of kalamata olive bread, some chard (mixed red and yellow), and some buffalo mozzarella I picked up from the supermarket.

2. Put some butter in a pan, and let it get all melty. {Nope, it's not a word. But it fits.}

3. Put a couple of slices of bread in your pan to toast.

4. Tear up your chard and put it in the pan as well. You can eat the chard stems (I wasn't sure either so I looked it up). The stems will add some nice texture to the dish, but all the nutrients are in the leaves.

5. After one side of your toast is golden brown, flip it over to toast the other side.

(I really wish this photo had come out. The golden brown-ness was so perfect.)

6. Put your chard on top of the bread after it becomes a bit wilted. Top with slices of the mozzarella.

7. Cover your pan with a lid to steam the greens a bit more and melt the cheese.

8. Oh look!! My chard got charred!! Haha. When you live alone you can make these jokes to yourself and laugh at your wit.

9. Enjoy!! The kalamata olive bread, the mozzarella cheese, the earthy flavor of the chard - this was an amazing combination. I'm so glad I had time to dream about dinner whilst on the train. Quick, easy, and delicious.

{I ate this by picking it up with my hands, but I'm assuming you could go all proper and use a knife and a fork if that suits you.}

My patio is pretty phenomenal. My apartment is tiny, but my patio is ginormous. Outdoor space = happy Dana

PS. Would you like a sneak peak of my kitchen? It is tiny, but it suits me just fine. It is nice to have a place of your own - a small sanctuary in which to escape.

And since it is so tiny (this goes for my whole apartment, really), only my favorite things are allowed to take up permanent residence. My cork collection (to make a cork board some day); the Yorkshire tea towel I got in England; the cutting board Tom's mom and sister got me for my birthday last year; Kermit (a gift from Tom), who sits atop my fridge (you can see his little foot at the top of the frame).

These days are good days, aren't they?

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