Thursday, June 28, 2012

summer is here, dear

This morning it was 72 degrees in DC. "Soak it in, Self" I thought. Our weather is looking quite scary for the weekend, as we - along with the entire East Coast - get ready for the weekend heat wave.

But lest I be accused of dwelling on the negative, lets spend some time discussing the glories of this season upon us. Fresh peaches from the farmers market, fresh plums from my neighbor's yard. I was walking by my neighbor's house with Barley when their dog Katie ran out to play. They were picking plums from their tree and asked if I wanted any - apparently there is an abundance of plums right now and "are becoming a nuisance." So really, I considered it my neighborly duty to swipe these three plums here.

Anyone else spy a little dog nose in the far left of that picture up there?

The fruit couldn't keep her attention for too long, and I think she was secretly wishing she lived next door with the guy who grills meat every night rather than with the mostly-vegetarian who tries to feed her potato peelings and eggplant. Just look at her attention span:

Happy Summer! Happy Almost-4th-of-July!!

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