Monday, November 29, 2010

giving thanks

Oh where to start?!? What a lovely, perfect, divine, comfy, and cozy weekend. Things I love:

a) holidays
b) long weekends
c) cabins
d) puppies
e) snuggling
f) eating massive amounts of food
g) playing board games
h) weather cold enough to allow for a fire both inside and outside
i) mimosas

Today I am getting a haircut (long overdue!!), and when I get home I will post some sweet pics of the things listed above, give you a couple recipes that are both easy and delicious, and pause to reflect on a few of the things I need to give thanks for.

And if my haircut is good, I may even post a pic of that as well.

Oh what the heck - I'll post a pic even if the haircut is dreadful. But it won't be. I have the most amazing stylist.

I love saying that I have a stylist.

It makes you think I'm fashionable right?

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