Thursday, November 4, 2010

thirsty thursday

*Disclaimer: these photos are super shady. Sorry about that. You can blame my cell phone.*

This morning (like all mornings) I was rushing madly to get ready for work. Part of this rushing stems from my loathing of "alarm clocks" and "getting out of bed at an ungodly hour." As I'm famous for telling people: I'm a morning person. I am not a 5am person.

Anyway, I digress. I groggily rushed to get my lunch out of the fridge before heading out the door

when what to my wonderous eyes should appear -
but a wonderous vision in the form of root beer.

I know I know. Too corny for the blog right? Thanks for putting up with me.

On to the goods:

See that perfection? Goodness in a bottle is what I say. I love rootbeer, but I rarely buy it. Tom likes to buy me things when he is at work (he is a manager at Walgreens). He calls them prizes. No joke. He'll come home from work some days and say: "I got you a prize." But my prizes are usually purchased because there is an insane coupon/discount that he can't pass up. So when I found out this rootbeer was purchased full price - well now that is a prize.

And the fact that it has no high fructose corn syrup makes it infinitely more awesome. In fact thats why he bought it, because he knows that I am practically president of the no high fructose corn syrup club. I can't wait to drink this at lunch.....

{I know its hard to read. For some reason the camera would only focus on the background.}

I wrapped it in a plastic bag and stuck it in the back of the fridge so no one would steal it. You think I'm lying but I'm not. People have taken my yogurt cups before, and I'm not willing to risk that today.

Do people steal your food at work? Because I was pretty shocked when it happened. Especially when I had written my name on it. It was so not a case of mistaken identity. It was flat out stealing. Of a yogurt cup. I guess thats how we roll here in the gov.

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