Wednesday, November 17, 2010

snappy lunch post

i cannot wait to get home tonight!

last night tom was away hunting and cabin-ing and doing boy things.

and i was away in-towning and drinking wine and doing girl things.

and tonight we will make pizza and watch a movie* and do us things.

{*got walk the line from netflix today! even though i'm probably most definitely johnny cash's biggest fan, i've never seen the movie and am so excited to do so.}

and, if all goes well, we'll play bananagrams. it finally came in the mail, and i am stoked.

to get you through the rest of the day, here is a website that my friend kelsey shared with me last night. because i have friends that are familiar with sites like this, i am blessed.

and if you happen to be one hundred and eighty seven times more awesome than i am, you would give two thoughts to making this. really, look at this picture and tell me thats not dedicated. the eiffel tower could not have been engineered with more precision.

by posting this, i am secretly hoping someone will get inspired to make me a tiny gingerbread house to put on my hot chocolate mug. takers?

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