Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Today I read a post that made me happy, made me take a deep breath, and made me smile. How could I deny you that same pleasure? I couldn't. I can't. So I will share it with you. Here it is.
Gwen Bell's post reminds me of my 2010 mantra so far:

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

I don't know who said this or where I first heard it, but I think it is very wise. It is not my intentional mantra, but after I first heard it I realized that many of the things I do day-to-day fit this definition of insanity.

Like when I don't pack my lunch the night before because I tell myself I'll actually wake up when my alarm goes off to have time to do it in the morning. Do I ever wake up when my alarm goes off? No. This morning I milked it for 21 minutes.

Like when I tell myself that I will someday start enjoying events where I need to interact with large groups of people. I do not. I will not. I don't like parties. Or large events. Both are tolerable for short periods of time, but they must be immediately followed by moments of alone. And that is ok. I don't have to start preferring parties to board game night. I just have to start saying no to parties and scheduling more game nights! Which is why I just bought bananagrams last night. Do you have a favorite board game? I am starting a collection and would love suggestions.

As you know, I love lists. I will end with one now.

A list of things that have given me great pleasure this week (and might make you happy as well!)

1. Family
    My cousin is in town visiting her sister (my other cousin), and our respective families got together to hike Kennesaw Mt on Sunday. It was chilly but warmed up quickly. The air was crisp. The view was perfect. I am far from so much of my family, and I relish the moments I do get.

2. A Change of Pace
    I sit at my cubicle for lunch every day. Lame, I know. Yesterday a coworker and I sat outside in the sun and ate our lunch and played bananagrams. The sun, the friend, the game. I cannot tell you how much this improved the second half of my day. Which brings me to....

3. Board Games
    After having so much fun at lunch yesterday, I came home last night and bought bananagrams. It will be coming in the mail in a few days. Along with something that I bought for Tom. Which brings me to....

4. Doing Something for Someone Else
    I don't know if anything makes me happier. The next time you REALLY want a piece of candy/new shirt/cup of tea/shoulder to lean on, you can be certain that someone you know wants that exact same thing. Offer it without being asked. Give something anonymously. Give a stranger a smile.

5. Do Something New
    I found discounted Cirque du Soleil tickets for tonight's Ovo show in Atlanta. I am excited. I will wear my fancy necklace that I bought in Ireland. I am looking forward to losing myself in the magic of the show. (And oh is there magic! If you've never been to a Cirque show, you must. The ones in Vegas are the best.)

6. Be Inspired
    I sit at a computer all day at work. When I come home I like to do something with my hands, something  physical, something creative. I suppose this is why I enjoy running, cooking, crafting. I search for inspiration in these loves of mine. Here are some of my inspirations this week:

             Running: I love New York (really, its an obsession). I love fall. I love marathons. I love these pictures.
             Cooking: These donut holes make me want to buy a deep fryer.... almost. I've never been too successful at deep frying anything, but this recipe makes me want to try again.
             Crafting: This craft looks so neat (and I love that they will use it to store their 'thanks'). I think I'm going to use the same technique to make 'flour' 'sugar' and 'coffee' jars.

7. Cuddle
    Its true, this face makes me swoon:

Its also true that nobody is ever gonna love you like your dog. She has cured many of my bad days.

Not a bad list for a Wednesday I guess. What gives you happiness? I'd really like to know......


  1. This was such a great inspirational blog. At the least it makes you appreciate the things in your life that make you happy. You, Dana, are someone that makes me happy every time I think of you!

  2. Thanks Mom! You make me happy every time I think of you too, and I am so glad you liked this post!


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