Saturday, July 24, 2010

picture this: life

If you took a picture every day, day after day and year after year, what would your life look like? Beginning on March 31, 1979, Jamie Livingston began taking a polaroid snapshot of his life. He took a picture every single day until he died on October 25, 1997, exactly 41 years after the day that he was born. After he died, friends organized his photos - 6,697 in all - and put them on display at Bard College. You can also view them here. These photos really moved me, to put it lightly. You can watch Jamie and the world change with each passing photo. There is a picture of the day he was married, and 18 days later, the day of his death.

I am reminded of a conversation my history professor had with our class my freshman year of high school. He started it off by asking us "what is time?" and then going into some long discussion about the passage of time and its affect on history, life, and the world. I don't remember the details of what we talked about, and at the time it seemed like a game of symantics. But oddly enough that question has stuck with me. "What is time?" I don't ever expect to have an answer, but looking at these pictures sure does make the whole idea of time a lot more concrete.

Intrigued by one-a-day photos? Join the bandwagon!! There's a whole group of folks who take a picture of their life every day for one year, and its called Project 365. I'm very intrigued by it, but haven't done it myself. You can get a whole lot more information here. Here's an example of one that I really like. And calling all foodies out there.....

Three words for this blog: adore adore adore.

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