Monday, July 12, 2010

would you like mail from a foreign land???

Hello lovely readers! With great excitement I announce that on Saturday I'll be heading to Ireland with my fantastic parents and two lovely sisters!! Don't worry, I am banking some posts so that you'll still have a little reading material while I'm gone.

In this age of email and facebook and twitter, I know how rare a real letter with a real stamp in a real mailbox is. Nothing is more exciting than finding a postcard/package/letter in between the junk mail and the credit card bill. I've been so inspired by my friend Morgan, who has a fantastic zine that she mails out a few times a year (here is a great blog post about Morgan by Katherine Sharpe at She is such a great pen pal, and I always love getting stuff from her.

Image from pink sherbet

So if you'd like a postcard from Ireland, please send me your address and you'll have something in your mailbox in the next couple of weeks. I girl scout pinky promise that I won't share your address with anyone or send you horrible things in the mail - I would just like to share the real-letter-love with all of you. Send your address (or a PO box if that makes you feel more comfortable) to me at: danalynn [underscore] robison [at] yahoo [dot] com (removing all the things in brackets and replacing them with "_", "@", and "." respectively.)

Hope to hear from all of you soon!!

PS. Morgan you are most definitely already on the list - thanks for your continuous support of our USPS and for spicing up my mailbox so frequently!

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