Friday, December 10, 2010

fantastic friday

Well all, speedy lunchtime post here. In my mind Fridays are one of two things: 1) amazing or 2) even more amazing, so welcome to Friday y'all! To start the weekend off right, its best to make a plan of attack for maximum efficiency and enjoyment. I have spent my lunch making just such a list, and I'll share it with you here. I hope it sparks some ideas for your own weekend.

1. Watch Second Harry Potter - Tom hasn't seen all the movies, and we're watching them all in a row to prep for seeing #7 in the theater.

2. Pray for snow - Yup, we're supposed to get the white stuff down here in the dirty dirty, and I couldn't be happier. Now if it would only happen on Monday so I could work from home in my PJ's.....

3. Craft - This is actually what I'll be spending 98% of my weekend doing. I'm a tiny mountainous bit behind on my homemade gifting, so I'll be getting my craft on. In a real way, not in an Amy Sedaris way (though I love the lady and would love to read this book).

4. Put up the Christmas tree - I absolutely cannot wait until this part of the weekend, because right now I am not in the spirit at all..... My tree decorating party will include such splendors as: listening to appropriate tune-age, drinking hot cocoa, and inhaling that yummy tree scent that I've been missing.

5. Cuddle with Barley - We missed each other while I was in San Fran. I need some cuddle time on the couch with my little wimpy dog.

6. Catch up on the blog - Yup, I've been neglecting you, and for that I am sorry. Friends, this is my weekend to make it up to you, and you'll be seeing regularly posts from here on. I won't bog you down with Reverb 10 catch-up posts from the 5th through the 9th, though I'll certainly complete them in my journal because I think the process is important. And of course I'll complete the rest of the prompts and post them here for you to read. You should join too!

Well that's my weekend plan! If I can complete all this, I'll be a happy camper come Monday (and if we get a snow day on Monday you'll really see happy).

What are you doing this weekend? Any fun-ness to report?

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