Wednesday, December 1, 2010

weekend in a cabin

What a weekend we had. We rented a cabin in Andrews, NC for Friday and Saturday night, and after Tom finished his Black Friday shopping (while I slept in) we packed up the car with food and the dog and headed on our merry way.

We drove through the mountains and the fog....

And eventually rolled into Andrews a few hours later (we took a scenic ramble through the country and took the whole morning to get there).

The cabin was amazing.....

And we started relaxing right after we got there.

Barley went from the sad car-pup that you see above to a very happy one indeed (though it could have been from her brand new elephant that I bought her).

You can take a full tour of our lovely abode here:

We Carrie turned cranberries into a simple syrup and used it to make cranberry gin and tonics (yum!).

Enjoyed a fire inside....

And outside.

We piled in the car to go hiking on Saturday...

Ran gracefully.....                                                               ...... and not so gracefully

We got a few shots of the two of us (and a cameo of too-busy-to-be-bothered-Barley)....

I really can't do the weekend justice. Relaxing by the fire, doing puzzles, making delicious food and hiking in the mountains was amazing. And being there with friends made it that much more special.

I think the dogs had a pretty good time too.


  1. I love your pictures Dana! Especially of Barley running, and you and Tom outside. Looks like the perfect weekend!

  2. I want those cranberry gin & tonics at Christmas!


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