Wednesday, December 29, 2010

tea time!

I made a quick side gift for crafty Christmas 2010 this year that was simple, cute and useful.

When I got the tea dish it had a sticker in the middle of it with the name of a man and woman that I've never met, and the date of a wedding I didn't attend. My coworker gave me this used-tea-bag-holder from her daughter's wedding. The dishes were given out at their wedding as favors along with a sample of organic green tea. Since I've never met the lucky couple, I wasn't attached to the dish emotionally, but I definitely saw potential.

Step one: Remove the sticker with the wedding details on it. A little Goo Gone and some elbow grease and that sticker was gone pecan.

Step two: Monogram the dish. I purchased some porcelain paint at Michaels (I don't remember the cost, but I think it set me back less than five dollars).

Step three: Find the right 'R' online. I went to google images and typed 'r' into the search engine. I wish I remembered which R I used, but I can't seem to find it again.

Step four: Transport the R to the dish. I've seen people monogram white coffee cups using porcelain paint (another great idea!), and they usually print out the image they want to use, trace it onto tracing paper (the paper that has graphite on the back), and then trace that onto their dish, but I skipped a few steps. I found the R online, held my paper up to the computer, and then traced the image. I cut the R out and used the porcelain paint to trace the R onto the dish. It worked OK for me, but please do whatever works best for you.

Step five: Finish. Fill in the image with the paint, and then bake the dish in the oven for 30 minutes. This makes the tea dish dishwasher safe.

Step six: Gift it! I used a ribbon to tie the dish to a box of pretty tea* and gifted it as-is. Now my Mom has a fancy pants {and monogrammed!} place to put her used tea bag. It took almost no time and very little money. Perfect-o!

*If you want this tea too, don't pay 17 dollars on amazon! I paid much less at Starbucks (go figure)

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