Saturday, June 5, 2010

art break

Last night I went to the First Friday Art Walk at Marietta Square with my good friend Pat. It was great to walk around and look at local art (and eat mango Italian Ice - thanks Pat!), but I believe that the finest piece of art was from Pat himself! Just check out this table of his!

Isn't it gorgeous! He is still working on it, and is also working on his own guitar (really wish I'd taken a picture of that). I think he hopes to sell it, so if this would be the perfect piece in your home just let me know and I'll pass on the word.

Another thing I have become obsessed with lately is old maps. There is nothing that puts who you are into perspective like looking at the world from above. I definitely owe this obsession to my land surveyor father, who looks at maps for a living and has a map of Maine bigger than I am hanging on the wall.

My favorite accessory is an old purse I found at a thrift store in San Deigo (for $10!) with the world map on it. It was created when the USSR was still around, so its also a neat piece of history. I've stopped using it because the leather is wearing on the shoulder straps and I'm afraid it'll break (I've already had it fixed once). Would putting something on the leather help? I'd like to actually use this beauty rather than admiring it hanging in my closet.

Isn't she a bute? I've definitely had more than one person come up to me from across a store or the street (and once the National Mall!) to ask me where I got it because oh please please please they must have one just like it! And for an unfashionable girl like me, it feels good to have that one timeless piece that can go anywhere with me.

I hope to one day find old maps of Georgia and Maine (a tribute to Tom and I, awwwww.....) and then frame them and hang them next to each other. I found a nice one of Georgia last night, but it was $130 and thrifty me said no to that. But I'll definitely be on the lookout at thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets.

Any other suggestions on how to decorate with maps?

If you're beyond crafty, I mean so much so that craft is now your middle name, then perhaps you could try this: This girl is inspiring!

Speaking of crafty people I know, check out these beauties that share a permanent residence on our guest bed:

My beautiful sister Laura made these for my birthday last year, and when I opened them I actually thought they were from Anthropologie. I didn't find out until a bit later that she made them! This becomes even more impressive when you look at these little beauties up close.


This summer weather is absolutely perfect, and my dog Barley is itching for a trip to the dog park. For the love of all things dog, I'll leave you with these beautiful photos.

My absolute favorite is the one at the end.... It makes me feel that the monster may need a friend for when I'm not here during the day. Anyone that can convince Tom we need two bundles of love gets a giant gold star for persistence.

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