Wednesday, June 23, 2010

inspiration fit for a librarian

Lunch break today left me cruising around the interwebs, and I found a blog post that left me absolutely giddy with excitement. I have lots of books. I accumulate them from everywhere, and even though I've donated boxes of them over the years I still have more than I can handle. But without a library, they sort of just end up in random bookshelves and in piles around the house. So today when I saw Jolie's creation I was in heaven. Just look at what she did with an unused closet in her house:

Isn't it just beautiful? Those French doors are just the icing on the cake aren't they? If we weren't trying to sell Tom's home (anyone looking for a lovely townhome just north of Atlanta?) I would take on this project in a jiffy (I know the perfect closet thats just waiting to be converted!). But like many of my other projects, they'll just have to be stored away until that glorious moment when I own my own home and am free to make all the renovations I can dream of. Until then, my future to-do list is rapidly expanding!

Have you found a creative way of breathing life into an unused space? Do you have any suggestions for how to store my books? And seriously, is anyone looking to buy a townhome???

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