Thursday, June 10, 2010

bike rides, alligators and a book about dreams

Yesterday Tom and I left the ocean to take a bike ride. After getting past the grocery stores and golf courses, we managed to enter a bit of the 'real' South Carolina, as I like to call it. The part that's been here since before tourism and before condos. We even found a little marina that offered tours to Sandy Island, 9,000 acres of protected woodland rich in history. According to the website, this island is home to about 120 people, most of whom are descendents of slaves who worked the rice patties prior to the Civil War. Sadly, tours to the island have been cancelled for 2010 due to military deployment. Maybe next time.

I also was hoping to spy an alligator on our Tour de South Carolina, but sadly no. I found lots of potential spots, but though I did find a couple of little turtles that slid into the water as soon as I came near, the alligators were not to be found.

Since Tom spotted an alligator on the golf course a couple of days ago, it is possible that the alligators in these parts are too upscale for swamps like the ones above.

I'm currently reading my favorite book of all time, which I haven't opened since I was in high school. But what better time than now to read a book about following your heart and living you dreams?

The Alechemist, by Paulo Coelho

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