Friday, October 8, 2010

collection anyone?

I've always wanted to start a collection, but I've never known what to collect. I realize how counterintuitive this is, because usually people are naturally drawn to certain things and so buy that same thing in different varieties. The only thing I've got that even comes close to a collection would be books, but I actually try to curb my addiction to those since they acquire much too quickly (shout out to the library!!).

But after travelling to Turkey, and after purchasing this guy....

.... I think I might have a collection. It doesn't actually match the other two that I have that are of the long and skinny variety, but I'm super happy with the pseudo vintage look.

And even though I'm not a huge fan of cluttering up the refrigerator, I sure am a huge fan of these guys. I'll be on the lookout for more magnets in my future travels.

Do you have a collection? Of magnets?? Or are collections so last year?

PS. My favorite fridge accessory is my handy dandy "good fish bad fish" guide (shown in the bottom left of the picture above). Fish are ranked Avoid, Good, and Best by the Monterey Bay Aquarium based on health (mercury levels, PCB levels, etc.) and sustainability (overfishing, environmental impacts, etc.) paramaters. I love this because it lets you quickly assess the fish species you should purchase at the grocery store and sushi bar, and which ones to avoid. Want your own? Go here for more.

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