Thursday, October 7, 2010

Evening In

An evening in. Don't those words just conjure up all things soothing when you hear them? No errands, no get-togethers, no crossing items off the to-do list. Tonight when I thought of the possibilities for the evening, I decided to do.... nothing. In the most positive sense of the word.

Sure, I have lots of evenings in, lots of quiet time at home without chaos and lists and errands, but rarely do I tackle these evenings with such gusto. And by tackle, I actually mean doing anything but. I stopped by the library on the way home and picked up a few books, and then came home and cooked banana pancakes and topped them with some Aunt Jemimah and a fried egg, and had a glass of high pulp orange juice on the side. yummmmm!

I had hoped to pick up Lit by Mary Karr at the library, but when I found it I also found out that it was her third memoir after The Liars Club (about her childhood) and Cherry (about her adolescence). I decided that rather than jumping into Lit (which I really really want to read) I would read the other two first. So now I'm using the evening to read The Liars' Club. I'm beginning to think I have read it before, but maybe it just has that vaguely familiar feeling that truly wonderful books tend to have.

Have you read this book, or any of her others? What do you think? Should I keep going on this triptic theme that I have going? Do you have any other books-of-three that you would recommend?

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