Friday, October 8, 2010

the power of 3

Three Day Weekend

3. day. weekend

3-day. Weekend.

Whether you love the guy or not, I for one am thanking Columbus right now. I'll push aside my opinion that we should stop celebrating the man who "discovered" this great land, for the express purpose of enjoying this weekend.

On the Agenda.....

1. I'm going to pretend its not going to be 83 degrees out this weekend, because that would completely ruin the chilly, scarf-wearing, apple cider-drinking vibe that I have right now in preparation for our visit to the Georgia Apple Festival tomorrow. We're heading up to the mountains in the early AM to purchase some apples, celebrate fall, and hopefully catch a glimpse of a colorful leaf or two (probably have to make a second trip in a few weeks to fulfill that wish).

2. Travel to goodwill to find some cheap canning jars/supplies (fingers crossed!!)

3. Make some homemade apple butter

4. Run 20 miles on Sunday

Yeah I said 20 miles.

We'll see how that goes.....

5. Finish The Liars' Club (hopefully)

6. Moisturize! This weather is drying out my skin. Kinda like this.

I need to find a homemade recipe to add moisture to my face (spa day at my maison!). pronto. Know of a good one? Please send it my way!


I'm desperate.

7. Write letters. And mail them in my envelopes. To redeem myself for being a friend slacker.

[friend slacker: a person who tends to hermit themselves (wait, is that even a verb?); hates using the phone; is bad at responding to emails; is worse at writing letters; and who loves her friends dearly.]

8. Watch The Sound of Music. Tom doesn't know what our next Netflix movie is. But:

Does he know I am 16 going on 17? That a ray is a drop of golden sun? That I love brown paper packages tied up with string (I really do!)?

One thing is for certain: even if he doesn't learn these things, he will most definitely learn that I am tone deaf.

Getting ready to conjur up my Julie Andrews.......

9. Figure out a design for ye olde blog. Hmmmm, I'm not too optimistic about this one. I'm not a great designer, and can't seem to find a look/layout that I adore. Any tips?

Desert sand: Dollars & Chocolate
Miss Julie: The Daily Mail


  1. How was the 20-mile run? Your marathon is coming up in a few weeks right? Is Tom still running it with you?

  2. The run went pretty well - my legs cramped up at the end so I walked the last bit, but I think I just might be able to pull off the marathon. Its on Halloween, and no, Tom isn't running this one with me. He will, however, be cheering from the sidelines!


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