Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun with Colors

Today I was driving home eating orange carrots, looking at all of the halloween decorations, and starting to think of the pumpkin beer I just might sip on this evening, when I suddenly had a realization that my life was feeling pretty darned orange. So here then are a few of the orange things that are really coloring my world these days.

1. My pumpkin display. As much as I try to ignore impulse buys like gum in the checkout line, I just can't ignore those cute mini pumpkins/gourds/squash that greet me every fall. And really, who can?

2. Candy corn. Candy corn is something I alternately love to hate and hate to love. Seriously, we (my taste buds, teeth, stomach and I) go back and forth on if we love it or not. I love the taste, but it gives me a serious stomachache and hurts my teeth. I've kindly asked Tom not to bring it home this year, but here it sits. I haven't touched a piece yet, but will probably give in in the not-too-distant.

3. This blog. How About Orange features, well, orange, and I think that fact alone deserves it a spot on this list. I'm also always in love with the projects and giveaways Jessica features, and so I keep going back. I recently wanted an updated desktop wallpaper, and found love on the October 14th post (check it out so that you too can have an uber updated office environment).

4. This ribbon that I scored at Michaels for a dollar. Aren't those orange birds cute?!

And speaking of scoring things for a dollar at Michaels (and super cute small birds), check out all the other things I got there in the dollar bin:

Lots of ribbon (check out the many birds), 2 stacks of tape (one of which features birds), notecards and envelopes (birds), and a mini hole punch in the shape of - you guessed it - an adorable little bird. As this post is not, despite your rapidly changing opinion, about birds, I'll get back to the orange list.

5. This orange beer. Look y'all: It tastes like pumpkin. It's orange. It's from a Maine brewery. We've got a trifecta of goodness happening in this bottle, and I'm about to experience it as soon as I hit upload and change out of my work clothes.

{Anyone catch the bird in that pic? Totally accidental, but I think we've officially got a secondary theme to this blog post.}

6. This. Is. My. New. Favorite. Thing. Ever. And it just happens to be orange, so I'm giving you a preview of a post to come. So check back. Seriously you want to. Well maybe you don't, but your belly does. Because you need this in your belly. Come back soon and I'll tell you how to cook create it. Its more a creation than a food item. Because its like delicious art. That you can eat. Nothing is better. Not in Dana-land.

7. Just as I was about to sit down and write this post, I looked out my window and thought that the irony of my view outside in light of my current orange-leaning tendencies allowed me to superscede my golden rule of not taking pictures of random strangers in such a peeping Tom fashion. So yes, I positioned my camera and snapped this pic, and hope that the sir on the fourth floor balcony is not secretly a follower of this black eyed susan. I'm not a fan of lawsuits.... or really confrontation of any kind..... thats why I write a blog. Ok, I digress, here's the pic.

{I couldn't pass up that orange right? Especially not with the extremely matching yellow background? Good, I'm glad we're on the same page.}

Well, those are a few of my favorite {orange} things (yes, we did watch Sound of Music last weekend as promised). What about you? Do you love orange? Only in the fall? Or are you partial to another color entirely?


  1. Love the ribbon, love mini pumpkins, and can't wait to make those pumpkin desserts!

  2. I just made the Pumpkin pie whoopie pies, whatever you call them. They are devine!!! So good. I was supposed to take some to work with me. Not sure that will happen! Soooo gooooood!


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