Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dream Boot

Today I tagged along with Tom to REI. He needed a hatchet and was looking at tents, and I picked up some more Gu for tomorrow's 14-miler. Since it took me zero time to pick up my Gu, and since shopaholic Tom was still eyeball-deep in his tent research, I decided to walk around the store.

Enter stage left: the most beautiful boots I have ever laid eyes on. I've been looking for a pair of boots for a few years. I'm pretty particular about what I want, and so far just haven't seen them. I want brown boots with a slight heel that could be paired with either a dress or jeans. I want something thats a little more rugged than your typical girly boot, but I don't want them to look like work boots either.

After years of searching, here they are:

{Merrell Tetra Launch Waterproof Brown Women's Boots}

Am I the only one drooling right now?? Though the boots made me giddy, the price was..... well, pricy:

{Sorry for the poor photos peeps. I snapped these pics with my cell phone.}

Aren't these boots adorable?? I just read some reviews online and that make me want them even more. But that price tag.... Not so much (I buy most of my clothes secondhand, so this is more than I spend on all of the clothes I buy all year - if you don't count my yearly pair of running shoes). So I've reached a compromise with myself. I have some debt I'd like to pay off, and once I do I'm going to buy these shoes as a reward (I won't bore you with dollars and cents, but lets just say I've set a pretty bit goal with this one here). I'm hoping to take care of bizness by the end of the year, so come January you'll be seeing these on my feet.

Thou shalt not covet?? Meh, overrated. I'm all about coveting right about now, and this non-shopper-really-doesn't-usually-give-two-thoughts-about-her-clothes-girl is already dreaming about this purchase. And the plan I've drafted will put these shoes on my feet in the not-too-distant. Bye bye debt, hellloooo fancy feet.

Am I the only one who uses shoes as a reward? Or is this an age-old strategy that I'm just now finding out about? Oh, and if you happen to own these shoes, please let me know what you think!

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  1. I love those boots! They look very you. Romey is now humming "these boots are made for walking" :) And actually as far as boots go, $150 isn't crazy expensive, especially since they're exactly what you want. Can't wait to see them on your feet!


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