Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Creme Pies

I'm going to share something with you because I love ya. These are simply scrumptious and delicious and will make you feel like you just ruled the kitchen. This isn't my invention, I didn't make these up, and I will take absolutely zero credit for them.

Thats not true. I took all the credit when Tom was stunned by their scrumptiousness, and I took all the credit when my coworkers melted with their Tuesday morning surprise.

But here today I'm telling you the truth that I had nothing to do with the magic that was the invention of the Pumpkin Creme Pie.

I will give you one tip: I ended up with a lot of leftover icing, so you could either make your cookies smaller than I did (recommended - these were huge), use more icing than I did, or decrease the amount of icing that you make.

Below are my pictures. If you'd like to read the inspiration piece, click here. If you want a clickable recipe, click here. [I didn't bother copying and pasting the recipe onto this blog because I changed absolutely nothing about the originall.]

And before you click on those links above, can we have a little tete-a-tete?? Lets not be getting all judgemental about the inferior picture quality that you find on the black eyed susan, mmmmk? If it were up to me I'd be snapping beauties left and right. But alas, it takes me two or three twenty pictures to get a pic good enough to put on this blog. I guess I just have a lot to learn about light and setup and color and timing..... But in the meantime I'll just live with Tom saying "OK, can we just eat now? I think you got enough pictures of dinner."

So here are my semi-inferior but completely honest pictures of one of the most delicious recipes I have ever come across.....

The magic begins....

The dough.....

Squares of wax paper...

Using a ziploc bag with a hole in the corner in lieu of a pastry bag....

[Sorry for the poor quality. I was trying to hold the bag, avoid spilling its contents (see below) and take a picture all at the same time.]

Seriously, if you're going to use a ziploc bag, close the top of the bag. To avoid making an unsightly mess in the center of your masterpiece....

As you can see, this made about 15 cookies (plus a squirt or two). Like I said, I would recommend making them a tad smaller than I did.

I used a toaster oven in lieu of a cooling rack. Don't judge.


Double yum!!!!


  1. I made the pumpkin pies. Grandmom and Pa love them!

  2. I made them too! I preferred them refrigerated.

  3. I'm so glad you both like them! And yes, I preferred them after they chilled in the fridge for a bit too.


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